Homebase: Mind-Body Training


Homebase may be for you if….

you have physical pain which has an emotional component
you are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks
you are dealing with an addiction
you are burning yourself out from caretaking others
you feel emotionally split in making decisions
you are getting in your way of connecting with your partner sexually
you yearn to feel the aliveness in your body
you want to speak up for yourself in a composed way

Drawing on a blend of Satir, IBP and Gestalt work,
In Homebase, you will develop…

ways to access your wellbeing to start feeling good again
tools to be present, grounded and centred
your capacity for emotional depth and authenticity
a deeper self-awareness
your capacity to differentiate between what is happening on the outside and what is happening on the inside
your capacity to act on your own behalf without being afraid of about what someone else will say or do

I invite you to participate in a group setting with others who are working out their life challenges too

GET IN TOUCH: Call me if you have any questions at 604-878-9111
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Spring dates:
Start date: Friday February 1, 2019.
All classes and groups are on a Friday evening from 6-8p. 
All classes take place on the first Friday of each month.
All group takes place on the third Friday of the month.

Spring dates: Classes:  Friday February 1, Friday March 1, Friday April 5, 2019
Group sessions: Friday February 15, March 15, April 19, 2019

Individual session #1. Primary Scenario, to be completed before our first group meeting
Individual session #2.  To be completed before the end of training.

There will be 3 group lessons and 3 group sessions for each person.
There is one individual 1:1 session: primary scenario (1.5h)
and one individual 1:1 session (1h)

Cost and Payment information:
Total cost is $525.  This can be paid in full before the training begins, or can be divided into 3 payments of $175 each.  Initial payment or full payment due at the time of enrolment. Post dated cheques are due for the second and third payments dated March 1, 2019, April 1, 2019.

Billing is under Group Medical Visit.  This means you may submit your receipts to your extended health provider for coverage, or please save your receipts to submit under your health expenses with your taxes at the end of the year.

Refund/cancellation policy: A $175 deposit or full payment is due on enrolment and holds your space in the group.   Full refund given with two weeks notice before the start date, 50% refund of deposit two weeks before start date ($90).  There is no refund after attendance of the first session.  

Missed classes:  if you think you may miss one class you may purchase $15 insurance ($540) which will allow you the possibility to miss one class without penalty and you are responsible to make that class up at the next training.  This is not applicable to group sessions due to the nature of a group.  Otherwise you are responsible for missing any classes/group/individual session.  Individual sessions may be reschedule with 48h notice, please be aware of the strict 48h cancellation policy of the clinic.  Individual session cut off is the end of training.