Homeopathy in Mumbai


They say that that India is  a mixture of the best and the worst.  It is a sensory collision of colour, pollution, temples, poverty, spirituality, beaches, partying, chaos and people.  Mumbai is the home to Bollywood and I discovered, quite expensive compared to the rest of the country.  I was surprised to find that rents in Mumbai can easily compare to those in Toronto or Vancouver. 

Some of the current leading and most talented homeopaths in the world are in India.  My two weeks in Mumbai were taken with studying Homeopathy with Dr. Rajan Sankaran at the Other Song Academy.  

Rajans work is considered the largest breakthrough in homeopathy in the last century or more.  His work has made homeopathy into a clarified system of understanding casetaking and analysis.   Every year in November, they hold an International Clinical Workshop, specialized for the most advanced long-term students, and this is where I was privileged to study for two weeks.

Observing the extent to which homeopathy is used in India is an amazing experience.  Patients will go to the homeopath first before visiting a conventional doctor.  Homeopathic Doctors in India trained to the highest degree. They are excellent diagnosticians as well as excellent homeopathic prescribers.  I was fortunate to be in a lecture where the Doctor showed video cases, one after another, of acute cases taken in his clinic.  He had an ‘emergency’ room where patients in an acute situation would be taken and observed.  Case after case, based upon his observation, he prescribed and 20 or 30 minutes later, the situation would be resolved and the patient cheery before the camera.  For me, it was amazing to watch this incredibly accurate work take place before my eyes! 

There is new and exciting work evolving in working with children. Observing the child and taking a child’s case is a different technique than with adults as children express themselves differently than adults. Creating a safe and secure space where the child can express him/herself using artwork and play techniques, modern homeopathy is incorporating child centred non-verbal therapy techniques to allow full expression of the vital force.  From this expression, the child's state is observed and a remedy revealed. 

Homeopathy is a wonderful blend of buddhism, Jungian psychology, satir therapy, sufism, and work of purely mirroring individualism.  It can be simple or deep.  It is a gift, offering healing and growth.