When Diet Isn't Working

When Diet Isn’t Working

We are a diet crazy society at the moment.  Are you Paleo? anti-inflammatory?  carb free?  fruitarian? vegetarian?

Confused?  don’t know what to eat anymore?

The first mistake you might make is thinking that any one ‘diet’ will work for you.  The diet that works for you has no name.  It is a custom diet based on the individuality that is you.  To think you are going to be able to pick up a book and follow the blueprint in the book probably won't work for the long run.   You need to find the food that works for you. In order to do this you have to troubleshoot, tweak and find what works for your body.

Welcome to a fresh mindset.

Mistake #2.  Not listening to your body.  Our bodies are always talking to us, but often we don’t take the time to listen. Until the sound gets very loud and we have no choice.  Our bodies can, and will take us down if they don’t like what we are doing.  Your body is wiser than you think.

So, what to do? Well, why not consider adjusting your mindset to begin the practice of really listening closely to your body; to see symptoms as a sign of communication.  Not something to be stopped or stomped on or subdued by medication.   If your car was making a noise, or a red light is going off on the dashboard, you know that something is wrong with the car.  You can fix it now or fix it later.  If you fix it later, it will be more expensive and damaging to your car!

How to Start

  • troubleshoot your food

  • troubleshoot your supplements

  • troubleshoot the underlying cause

Troubleshoot Your Food
Troubleshooting food is something you can do today. Perhaps this is why it is so very popular right now.  You can take steps immediately to make yourself feel better.  The downside of this is that in the long run, stricter diets are not realistic and you will inevitably fall off the wagon, and the underlying problem has not been fixed.  Feelings of frustration and restriction can lead you to feeling low self esteem and can trigger unpleasant emotional states.

Troubleshoot your Supplements
There needs to be a reason for you to take supplements, a reason that you understand.  Some people don’t take supplements because they think they don’t work.  They purchase the multi from London Drugs or Costco, take one a day and find it does nothing, so they decide all supplements are purposeless.  I can help you learn why you are taking your supplement, and ensure  that you are taking a supplement that has quality which you are able to absorb.  If you are taking something in the incorrect dose, or poor quality or your digestion is so poor you cannot tolerate or absorb it,  it won’t be doing what you want it to do for your body.  I can help you get what you need from excellent quality supplements and herbs which can be an integral part of a recovery and maintenance program.

Troubleshoot the Underlying Cause
A good diet is extremely important. It will alleviate alot of problems. Most people come to real food diets because they are sick: female hormonal problems, weight issues, fatigue, depression,  heart disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome.  As a quick fix, diet obsessed culture we very much like diet as a solution.   Many people in our culture are not capable of considering anything beyond it.   A good diet is the foundation to good health, but it is not the only answer and will not solve the root or underlying cause. Most symptoms tend to go deeper than diet and supplements.

The Underlying Cause
The deeper underlying cause is something that takes time to explore.  Do you think you could look beyond what diet may have to offer and see what else is available for healing?  We cannot get away from exploring stressors, whether they be emotional stressors, mental or physical stressors.  Sometimes the first step is basic testing for adrenal function, which measures the impact of the stress you have been in before you have come to the clinic. Be careful not underestimate the effects of chronic stress.  Some people have been under unbelievable stress, stress which puts them into a catabolic state, tearing apart body systems.  You could be so used to feeling terrible you have forgotten how to feel any other way.  

Mental and Emotional Stress
I encourage you to think creatively outside of the box: consider the healing possibilities of homeopathy, which works in a gentle way to balance the body guiding the body towards health.  A little good psychotherapy can go a long way to resolving unhelpful patterns of behaviour which cause stress and fatigue (or 'deadening' of inside spaces), or helping to move through grief. 

Physical Stressors: Gut Infections
Do you know that 80% of your immune system is in your gut? GI infections, parasites, bacterial infections, gut dysbiosis could be the root causes of issues you have been experiencing. Some people have so much mould, yeast and infections in their gut that this creates toxicity and brings down the immune system.  Infections are found through stool testing, and just like practitioners not all stool tests are created equal.  
You may wonder how your digestive system is involved if you think you have no overt Gi symptoms. Menopausal symptoms, female hormonal complaints, weight issues, depression, fatigue and other inflammatory issues such as autoimmune conditions, skin conditions, cardiovascular issues, and cancer will have GI involvement: Sixty percent of GI infections have no GI symptoms and the symptoms will appear as something else.  Anytime we are having hormone problems, we are having gut problems.  Whether it is adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems or female/male hormonal problems.  If you are under stress, the death of a loved one, a divorce, stress with work or positive stress from a pregnancy or marriage, you may develop hormonal imbalance.

What to do about it? 
 A good diet is just the beginning to a foundation to good health.  It is certainly not the only answer and will not solve the root or underlying cause of your difficulties.   If you want to work towards going a little deeper, with more permanent results, I can help.   It will take a little time but my prediction is you will be surprised at how pleasantly better life can be.