Tips: Your Follow up Homeopathic Appointment

So we have had your first appointment in the office, and now what to do?

Here are some tips so that I can start to train you as a patient; and you can help me to help you.

  1. Make notes. Sometimes patients become worried about a variety of things, and have questions. Please, I ask if you can save these questions and information by writing it all down. All of your questions and concerns will be answered, bring them to your next appointment with you.

  2. Record your dreams. Dreams are how the subconscious speaks to us and as a homeopath and somatic therapist, dreams contain extremely useful information. If you don’t remember your dreams (and even if you do) the best way to begin remembering them is to have a pad of paper beside your bed. As soon as you wake up, write as much as you can remember down. Even if it is just a small snippet or fragment of an image, this will be enough to give your subconscious the message that it is important and you want to remember. Do this every morning (or time you sleep) for a while and soon you will begin to remember more and more. Dreams which are particularly strong or meaningful to you and dreams which are repetitive, even from childhood, are important to write down.

  3. Come in when it’s acute. When you are having an acute crisis, or are sick with a cold or flu, this is a great time to come in. Unless of course you are so sick you are unable to move out of bed, we want you to heal. This is a time when sometimes the most information, or a small vital detail will be revealed which can lead to an exceptional remedy. If you call to postpone an appointment if you are sick, don’t be surprised thatI will ask you to come in instead.

  4. Understand this is not a one time process. This isn’t magic; homeopathy is hard core science. Success depends in part in the prescribing physicians ability to elicit information, and the patient ability to give information and sometimes timing is everything. I have had situations where I have seen a person for a year, and after the visit they finally give me the piece of information I need to give a great prescription. Have patience, sometimes it is about peeling back the layers and alot of the time, people don’t realize they are getting better until I read back to them the long list of symptoms they had when they first came in.

  5. Let your child play. If you are a parent and you have brought your child in, I want to witness your child in the most natural state, without interference. Don’t feel you need to change the direction of what your child is doing, and unless your child is actively destroying in the office, your child will be allowed to do whatever he/she pleases.

And most important of all, enjoy the process! Homeopathy is a wonderful learning of who we are. Each person is unique, no one is quite like you!