Dispensary: the small print


Custom Formula

Core values of the clinic include sustainable resources and is reflected in various ways including responsible decision making for endangered plant species in plant based medicine.

All liquid tinctures are manufactured on site from either organic or wildcrafted sources. This is unique and we are the only naturopathic clinic in Canada which does this. While visiting the clinic, you may get a chance to see the manufacture process in action, from percolation to decanting to blending of your unique formula.  

All custom dispensary items including tinctures and homeopathic prescriptions and in-house design formulas are only available at the physical location of the clinic.

Manufactured in Canada

We recognize the importance and impact of buying local. Conscious decision making regarding supporting local businesses includes a dispensary in which the formulations are designed by naturopath physicians for their patients, rather than relying on large corporate design. Most dispensary items are formulated by Dr. Doan and manufactured in Canada by our consultant compounding pharmacist.  

The clinic engages businesses and consumers to raise awareness of alternative medicine. In the summer, you may experience student naturopathic preceptors who shadow experienced doctors as part of their naturopathic education.

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Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

Online Dispensary:

For your convenience when the clinic is closed and for patients who live out of town, Fullscript is an online dispensary which is designed and owned by Naturopathic physicians. Here you will find products chosen by Dr. Doan and any product which are not carried by the physical location of the clinic can be purchased by patients here.