Coming Home

Your mind is a important tool and very good at doing particular things. Try doing math without using your mind! Your mind has probably been trying to figure things out for you for a while now, it is a form of protection.

However there are some things that can’t be learned or understood through the mind. When we have lost touch, or don’t have the confidence to listen to our body, we lose access to a huge source of information and knowledge which is our core self. With IBP for many people, this may be the first time they have experienced their body and the feeling the comfort and safety of coming home.

Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP)

IBP is a non invasive somatic therapy that treats the whole person, integrating body, mind and emotions and spirit, that can facilitate more meaningful work in less time with longer lasting results. IBP integrates the best approaches from Eastern and Western psychological physiological and spiritual mind-body theories and practices into a highly efficient and effective somatic model for psychotherapy.

IBP experiential practices help to break through old, somatically maintained dysfunctional behavior patterns by reawakening and establishing fully integrated states of well-being, constancy and sense of self in the body that can lead to a transformation of consciousness at the core of one’s being.


Getting comfortable

IBP may be for you if….

you have physical pain which has an emotional component
you feel emotionally split in making decisions
you are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks
you are dealing with an addiction
you are burning yourself out from caretaking others
you are getting in your way of connecting with your partner sexually
you yearn to feel the aliveness in your body
you want to learn to speak up for yourself in a composed way

Find out More: Resources and Reading:

Body Self & Soul. Jack Lee Rosenberg, Marjorie Rand.
The Intimate Couple. Jack Lee Rosenberg, Beverly Kitaen-Morse, PhD
California IBP institute: www.ibponline.com

Stay Connected: Group Check in

Group Check in is based on IBP principles and is an opportunity to connect and share in a supportive environment. Join us the last Friday of every month at 6p. Billed as a group medical visit, this is open to everyone, bring a friend.
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Watch for more information on IBP group training coming in late January 2019.


Dr. Jennifer Doan

I am a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the province of British Columbia and I am passionate about body centred therapies and the mind-body connection. I have completed the three year IBP training and have completed level two advanced training in Satir method.

Why have you decided to include IBP in your practice?
As a Naturopathic Physician I witness so much of what are physical complaints are really the result of chronic emotional holding patterns. Not all stress is bad but chronic stress can have a long term impact on your health and well being.

This is important work. It impacts our families, and communities. We are a generation which is being called upon to heal and do the work of our forefathers. The healing and breaking of unhealthy patterns of trauma from the generations before us is a gift not only for ourselves, but for future generations.

IBP doesn’t fit for everyone and I don’t use it with all of my clients although it is woven through much of my philosophy. Perhaps because I am passionate about IBP and healing in family systems that I attract people who are asking and looking for emotional and internal growth and wanting to be more comfortable in their bodies and their lives. IBP is a growth model, the work is rich with many gifts.