Welcome to the Clinic

Making an Appointment
You may book online via this website or call the clinic (604-878-9111) and ask for the next available appointment. Intake forms will be sent out when you book your first appointment online. For those who avoid the computer, you are welcome to come in 15 minutes early to fill out forms. When you come for your first visit,  bring all recent and relevant labs and specialist reports so I can examine the diagnostics that have taken place before you came to the clinic.  Allow yourself time for traffic and parking issues.  You are encouraged to manage your appointments through the online booking software. 

Do I need a referral?
You do not need a referral to see a Naturopathic Physician, Homeopath or TCM practitioner.  If you have extended health coverage, you will be reimbursed part or all of your visit fee, depending on your provider.

The clinic receives a high volume of calls every day and we are committed to doing our very best to help everyone.  Phone calls are usually returned first thing in the morning, lunchtime and the end of the day. Please note that, due to professional liability reasons, test results and new and/or changes to existing treatment strategies cannot be discussed over the phone or fax communication.  An office visit is required.   Communication with the office is via phone or in person, we do not respond to communication via email, text or Facebook. 

Do you see children?
Approximately 40% of the patients seen in the clinic are children.  Homeopathy and naturopathic medicine are extremely effective for children's ailments.  It is important that all our young patients feel as comfortable as possible, this helps to freely observe enabling more accurate prescribing. Reassuring parents that an important part of the witnessing process is to allow our young patients to be free to do what they want in the office and not be constrained in any way.

What is the difference between a naturopath and a homeopath?
The term 'naturopathic physician' is an umbrella term, meaning that the doctor practices natural medicine within a legal scope of practice. The naturopathic scope of practice is varied and most people will choose to specialize in one or several modalities.  It is uncommon that two doctors will have the same practice style. Homeopathic medicine is one of the modalities that naturopathic physicians may practice.  Homeopathic medicine is a complete and effective form of medicine unto itself.

If I live out of town, can I still be a patient?
It is best to see you in person for your first visit.  If you live outside of the greater Vancouver area, or if you are acutely ill or unable to leave your house, follow up appointments can be arranged via phone or zoom.  

Missed Appointments
For cancelling and rescheduling of appointments, we require 48h notice.  This can be done either over the phone or in person.  If you are using the online booking system, you can manage your appointments yourself and if you are rebooking or changing your appointment inside the 48h time, you will be directed to call the clinic.  
Should you book your appointment within the 48h time frame, the policy is in effect immediately.
Missed appointments limit other patients who need critical access to care in a timely manner. Consequently there is a charge for missed or appointments not cancelled at least 48h in advance.  

Test Results
You will be contacted by telephone when your test results arrive. Due to professional liability issues we are unable to discuss or give test results over the phone, fax or email. An office visit is required.  

Prescriptions, Dispensary and Lab
Please follow all instructions, this will make your results more effective. Please review your prescription order before leaving the clinic and be familiar with return policies. All prescription dispensary items are to be paid for at the time of dispensing.  Custom formulations are not returnable, unless authorized. Unopened, untampered dispensary items may be returned within one week of purchase if necessary.  Return for exchange or credit only. Please take careful note that purchase of lab kits is non-refundable.  Unused, expired lab kits over one year old will need to be re-purchased. 

How many visits will I need to get better? 
It is difficult to estimate in many cases how long it will take to get better as there are many factors some of them unknown and only uncovered when treatment begins.  This is not about cleaning;  this work is about growth and healing deeply.  It is the patients who come regularly over time who benefit the most from treatment.  

If you have an acute illness, your recovery will most likely be quick.  If you are suffering from a chronic long term condition and are on medication your recovery may be more gradual or prolonged, depending on various factors in your history before you came to the clinic.  We need to work slowly layer by layer.  We can't work too fast;  and although you want to feel better right away, you wouldn't want that to happen anyway.  This would be like the person who wins a lot of money in the lottery, and does not know how to contain or manage it.  It is helpful if you have a friend or someone who has had a positive experience with Homeopathy or Naturopathy to encourage you to keep coming if you are feeling in any way discouraged.

Confidentiality is of the upmost importance and is strictly maintained. Your medical information will not be released to anyone (including members of your own family) without your written permission. If you are not available over the phone you will be left a message to contact the office. For more details see below.

Do I contact the office for acute situations? 
Yes. Coming in when during an acute illness allows for different information that can sometimes give the key for accurate prescribing.  During your process, changes will occur and an acute situation may occur as part of your healing process. Please call the office if you have any concerns between appointments. Unless you are unable to travel, please keep any appointments you have made. 

What is our pricing policy?
In order to remain in business, all naturopathic physicians, homeopaths, massage therapists, physiotherapists, TCM practitioners, dentists and all others not within the medical billing system charge for prescribed medicines and medical services. There is no discrimination. Costs are within CNPBC guidelines and the best prices are offered to all patients. 

Payment and billing
Payment for services is due on the day of your appointment. Payment by cheque is preferred. Payments by cash, credit card and cheque are accepted; debit is not available. Payment for missed or late cancellation is processed at the time. You will receive a receipt which you may submit to your extended health service provider if you have one, or keep for tax purposes at the end of the year. 

What about insurance?
We are advocates for your health and the care you receive at the clinic is not influenced or connected in any way with any coverage you may or may not be fortunate to have.  There are a variety of private insurance companies which cover naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments.  The agreement you have with your provider is private and independent to the clinic.  All charges for services are payable at the time of receipt.  It is your responsibility to ensure cost coverage and you are responsible for submitting and processing your receipts to your extended insurance for coverage.  The clinic accepts no liability for your refund acceptance.  Submitting your receipts at the end of the year with your income tax will help defray any additional costs. 

Transfer of File Requests
Patients are expected to talk to the doctor directly about any concerns they may have. Please refer to the internal clinic document.

Teaching Facility
Part of the core value of the clinic is education.  You may see students of naturopathic medicine or homeopathy during your visit.   A full explanation of their role will be explained to you should one be present during your visit.  The clinic is host to the Vancouver Homeopathic Case Study Group monthly meetings.

Patient Feedback
Patient feedback is very important, as it provides an opportunity to review the care that is provided. Feedback includes suggestions, compliments, complaints regarding the front line service that is provided.  If you would like to share your feedback,  please send us in a written form in an envelope marked confidential.

Fragrance Free Environment
Due to health concerns arising from exposure to scented products we ask that all patients refrain from using scented products prior to their visit. 

Privacy Policy and Consent Forms
You are asked to sign an informed consent to treatment form before your first visit as well as an informed consent to lab.

Privacy Policy:
Collection of Information: This clinic collects personal information of patients and clients.  Consent is asked to communicate with you directly, to fulfill specific patient requests.  You are also asked to give permission to add to the general mailing list.

Distribution of Information: We do not sell, rent, or intentionally share or release any personal information to third parties. When you consent (ie to a third party such as ICBC, WCB or extended insurance provider) your information will be shared based on your consent.

Security:  Protecting personal information and safeguarding from any misuse are our highest priority.  All of the clinic booking is made through Janeapp. Janeapp is a HIPAA-compliant secure professional Canadian electronic health records company.  Jane is required to have physical, technical and administrative safeguards in place to ensure the safety of your PHI. All of Janeapp's data is stored in secure private servers located in Canada. All clinic files are analogue and  security mechanisms and stringent privacy practices are in place for staff and members of the clinic.

Unsubscribe: The clinic electronic communication includes an unsubscribe option.  You can also contact the clinic directly to request no further communication from or change the method of communication.